Thursday, 20 August 2015

When Hard Work Pays Off


Because this blog is apart of my life and is my area to express and write about what I wish, I thought I would tell you guys that I have officially been accepted into University! As soon as I saw I had been accepted I burst into to tears. It felt like a whole weight that had been built up on my shoulders for two years had finally lifted and I had finally achieved what I was working so hard for. All the hard work, stress, anger and tears paid off and I finally got what I wanted: to begin a career in Psychology. I had wanted a career in Psychology since I was 13/14 and now it feels like I can finally begin that path.

I am also excited to begin a new chapter. The sixth form I was at was also my secondary school so I had spent a long time there. I honestly didn't have the best time in school, or sixth form, so it felt liberating to walk out of there for the last time on Results Day. I was so worried I would have to come back and retake a year!

Now I can finally begin my gap year. I can finally have a well deserved break from education then know that I have a place in University to go to at the end of it.

I guess the moral of this story is cliché, but true. Don't give up on what you are aiming for. I worked so hard to get where I am; I fought with many demons of my own. But now I know when you work so hard for something, you will get what you want.

And it will feel glorious.

I hope anyone who has received any exam results or have any upcoming get the results they are hoping for!

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