Sunday, 17 May 2015

bareMinerals | Lash Domination Mascara


I was given a sample size of the bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara at the bareMinerals event I went to (click here) and I have been using it since.

Lash Domination claims to be a volumising mascara for 'larger-than-life lashes'. It claims to lengthen, thicken, separate and lift lashes up to 345% that in asterisks says 'after two coats of mascara' that is long-wearing. That is some major claims! As expected with bareMinerals, it is made with minerals and 'quiona protein'.

The packaging of the mascara is simple but sleek with a silver background that you can see your reflection in with basic black writing. The full size mascara's lid is actually slightly twisted in shape which matches the mascara wand. The wand has bristles that curve around in a twisted shape, which I can only describe as comparing to the shape of an image of DNA. It has longer bristles at the base and middle that go shorter at the tip, perfect for getting those little tiny lashes in the inner corner of your eye.

So what I think? Well, overall I think the mascara is good. It does lengthen my eyelashes and holds a curl over time. It makes them a lot blacker and it is perfect for applying mascara to your lower lashes! Because the bristles are so long you can apply mascara to your lower lashes without getting the wand so close that it smudges on to the skin. I wore this mascara over a period of 6 hours which I think is a normal day for a lot of people and I can say that it didn't really smudge. It smudged slightly in to the lines underneath my eyes but other than that it was long-lasting.
 The only problem I had was that it smudged a bit on to my lower skin earlier in the day because my eye was watering! I have this issue where my right eye cries unintentionally and it smudged a bit on to my skin so I always need a mascara that isn't going to do that. However all I need to do is just keep an eye (no pun intended) on the mascara and wipe off any bits that have smudged.

In conclusion it is a good mascara that does what it says on the tin. It recommends using two coats but I don't feel adding a second coat makes much of a difference apart from making some lashes slightly longer so I don't see the point in it. One coat is good enough!

You can buy a full size Lash Domination mascara for £18.00.

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? Let me know!

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