Monday, 4 May 2015

BareMinerals | Marvelous Moxie 'Break Away' Lipstick


As I have mentioned plenty of times before on my blog, I went to a bareMinerals blogger meet up (click here) a while back, and one part of the goodie bag was a sample of the Marvelous Moxie lipstick called 'Break Away'.

Break Away is a satin brown-toned nude lipstick. I was super excited about receiving this as although I am usually a 'bold lip or go home' type of girl I thought a nude might be good for the days where a bold lip just wouldn't go with bold eyes or if I simply cannot be bothered with the maintenance of a bold lip.

So what do I think of it? Well, I think it is simply amazing. I love using it because it gives my lips something when a bold lip isn't appropriate- It's kind of similar to the 'my lips but better' style. I love how I don't even need to use a lip brush with it and I can just apply it straight away whilst still getting clean lines. I particularly like to use this when I am out on a night out and know I will be, well lets just say, too tipsy to care about touching up my lipstick. 

You can drink or eat as much as you like with this lipstick and it won't really budge. And when it does eventually fade slightly, it still leaves an even stain of the colour on your lips. I find I only need to touch up this lipstick either not at all or once if I've been drinking/eating and not at all if I am not eating/drinking! 

It glides on smoothly and with ease on to my lips and is really easy to use. It isn't drying and I've honestly been wearing this lipstick to death! I will be so disappointed when I finish it.

I overall love this lipstick and I really recommend it for the perfect nude lip and for times where you'll be, like I said, getting too tipsy to care about touching up lipstick. Here is a photo of me with it on when it was my birthday:

You can buy a full sized Marvelous Moxie lipstick from bareMinerals for £17 pounds.

What do you think?

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