Sunday, 10 May 2015

MAC | Lady Danger


I got a gift card for MAC for my birthday which I was excited about and with it I bought the matte lipstick 'Lady Danger' for £15.50

Lady Danger is a matte, vibrant orange-toned red. Sometimes I think it is just an orange and sometimes I feel it is an orange-toned red. Either way, it is a fantastic bold lip colour that's something a bit different from the standard red which isn't for the faint hearted!

One thing I found with this lipstick is that it's best applied with a lip brush. With MAC Ruby Woo I found I could apply it fine with or without a brush, but with Lady Danger I just can't do it just out of the bullet. It is much easier to make the perfect outline with a lip brush. However, that doesn't put me off!

I haven't worn Lady Danger out yet but I did test it out at home. It is certainly long-lasting and doesn't fade at all, even if you eat (I had a plate of chips and curry sauce) which is delight. This means it would probably be alright to wear out when you might be eating and only need a small touch up.

Because of the orange-toned boldness it would probably be something that would have to go with your outfit. However I think it is a great lipstick for the warmer months when you want to make a statement! It does feel slightly dry on the lips seeing as it is a matte but not so drying to the point that it looks bad on the lips and feels uncomfortable.

Overall I really like this colour and how it is long-lasting. I would recommend! 

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