Friday, 15 May 2015

My Playlist #1


I have never done one of these Playlists before but I have seen others do it and thought it is a nice idea to see what other people are listening to. Music tastes can be so diverse, including my own, so I thought I would share what I am listening to at the moment too!

1. Frank Sinatra- My Funny Valentine. I absolutely adore this song and adore anything by Frank Sinatra. It is such a nice and relaxing song to listen to!

2. The Darkness- Barbarian. The Darkness were apart of my childhood and I have loved the band ever since. This is one of their newer songs which is great when you want to have a sing-a-long and dance like a rockstar. Or is that just me?

3. Elvis Presley- Hard Headed Woman. Both of my parents brought me up on Elvis Presley and his Greatest Hits album is the album I love listening to when I am getting ready, cleaning my room etc..You get the picture. Another song you want to have a sing-a-long to and have a dance to in your bedroom. 

4. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters. This song is always on my Playlist as, without sounding cheesy, it's my boyfriend and I's song. My boyfriend plays the guitar and this was the first song I had ever heard him play and I admired it so much that I've loved it ever since.

5. Sia- Elastic Heart. I like Sia's music ever since I watched 'Chandelier' along with the amazing dancing that comes with it. I really like Elastic Heart and I also adore the story being told through dance in the music video by no other than the 'Chandelier' girl (Maddie) herself AND the handsome Shia LaBeouf.

There's my playlist for the month! I have such a diverse taste in music. I was brought up on musicals, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra through my parents and my love of dance but I am also a rock and metal girl. Even then you'll still find me singing along to the likes of Taylor Swift!

Feel free to give any of those songs a listen and tell me what you think. It would be really cool to introduce some of you to new music!

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