Saturday, 18 April 2015

What I Did for My Birthday!

Hey guys!

In my last birthday post (click here if you haven't already read it!) I shared with you all what I got for my birthday. Today I thought I would share, for anyone who is interested, what I got up to.

My birthday celebrations lasted over the course of 3 days. 

On Thursday (the day before my birthday), I celebrated with friends. We went to see the film Insurgent because most of us have the read the books and love them- and because we saw Divergent on my birthday last year. The film was really good, although it was slightly different to the book. We then went for a birthday meal to Bella Italia and had nice food and great conversation. You can check out my friend Emily's blog here!

My birthday! First of all I went for a huge birthday meal to Frankie's and Benny's with my very large family and boyfriend. It was a day full of fun, kindness and lots of presents! To humiliate me my family made me wear a birthday sash and have '18th' badges and a '18' balloon attached to me. They then humiliated me further by getting the waiters to bring out a cake for me and play happy birthday music which they know I hate! They'd also thought they would try and be funny by giving me, the vegetarian, a cake with fake bacon on it. I also ordered my first (legal) drink which was a bit of a milestone for me. In the evening/night I then went out down town with my boyfriend and went to two of the rock/metal pubs and got quite drunk.

I didn't do anything in the day time but in the night time I went out down town with my sisters working our way through various bars. It was a lot of fun to have a night out with my sisters and we all got very drunk (haha). It is great having sisters which are also like your best friends. What was even more awesome is that one of my sisters bought me a whole new outfit for it (dress, bag and shoes) which you would have seen in my 'What I Got for My Birthday' post.

So that was it! I overall had an amazing 18th which my boyfriend, family and friends all helped to celebrate with me. I couldn't have asked for a better 18th birthday and I will never forget it. 

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