Monday, 13 April 2015

What I Got for my Birthday

Hey guys!
Last week it was my 18th birthday and I had an absolute blast. I'd like to share with you what I got for my birthday. Please note this is not a post to boast about what I just thought you guys might be interested as I always am for other people's birthdays. I mean, you always get asked what you got for your birthday, right? Anyhow, let me begin...

I got two gift sets from The Body Shop. There is the Mango gift set which I got from my boyfriend which includes a body butter, body scrub and soap. I also got the Tea Tree gift set from my brother which I will go into more detail on in a later post as I will be posting about The Body Shop Tea Tree range! I also only got one book (surprisingly) from my sister which is called Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis.

For make up, I got a few bits! Excitingly I got a voucher for Mac from my friend Robyn and my first ever Mac product which is Ruby Woo from my friends Cat and Vicky! They both also got me the two Zoeva eyeliners with are Good Karma and Mr Marvellous which are also my first products from Zoeva. My wonderful friend Emily (you can check her out here) got me the Urban Decay Basis eyeshadow palette which was exciting as I so wanted one! Finally I got my usual Collection Lasting Perfection powder from my friend Antonia.

On Saturday night I went out down town going to the bars with all my sisters (more on that soon) but I didn't have an outfit to wear! So my sister, Kimberley, was really generous and bought me an entire new outfit! All of the items are from New Look I believe. There are some great chunky heels (I tried walking in thin-heels and wedges and couldn't hack it) and a small handbag for holding my money, phone and ID. But the best bit is the beautiful dress! It would definitely be something I'd pick out for myself so my sister knows me well. I feel so confident in it and love it a lot!

Surprisingly I only got two nail polishes for my birthday as I usually get lots for birthdays/Christmases. They are from different sisters. My Dad also got me the film The Culling (which was technically for Easter), an 18th glass and 18th keyring.

One of my sisters also got me this black top with lace on the sleeves from H&M which I accidentally left to get creased! She also got me a plain black crop top but I forgot to take a photo of it. Additionally my friend Antonia got me a  Paco Rabanne Black XS perfume set which smells great and I will review it soon.

Anyone who knows me knows I love clothing and pretty much anything else with skulls on so my sister got me a big Skull glass which is mainly for alcohol but I think I am going to use it in my room for storing some sort of make up. Haven't decided what yet though! What do you think?

And lastly my boyfriend turned up on my doorstep with these beautiful flowers which is pretty sweet.
Overall I mainly got money for my birthday. I am not in a job at the moment so it was all I wanted really. Furthermore I also got some euros for my girls holiday at the end of the year and alcohol.             
So there you have it! There will be a post up soon as well to tell you what I got up to. Thanks for reading!

PS- Want to know what I got for my birthday last year? Read last year's post here!

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  1. :D & I've always wanted one of those skull glasses, they look so cool! x