Monday, 20 April 2015

Lush | ButterBear Bath Bomb

Hey guys!
This is a bath bomb from Christmas so it isn't available now but I thought I would still review so you guys know for next year!
ButterBear is a cute little white bear. It isn't as big as other bath bombs and doesn't have the 'exciting' effect a lot of them give but it does have a purpose. As you can gather from the name it's claim is that it is a moisturising bath bomb which ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and almond butter. They all work to soften, smooth and moisturise the skin.
When you put the cute little bear in the bath it fizzes out quickly which I expected. It leaves the water a faded milky colour which bits of skin of butter floating about which you can grab and massage into your skin.
When you leave the bath your skin feels smooth, soft and moisturised. So it does do what it says it does!
This bath bomb would be great for those with dry skin and probably even great for children too. I don't know the price as it was a Christmas present but I am sure it is slightly cheaper than the average sized bath bombs.
Have you used the ButterBear? Let me know!

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