Monday, 27 April 2015

Travel | Brighton, UK


This weekend I went on a trip to Brighton with my boyfriend for our first little holiday together. We both really needed to de-stress and take some time away from our day-to-day lives plus we had never been to Brighton before!

After a 4 hour train journey full of card games and revision (for me), we made it to Brighton. It was a sunny day but slightly cold and windy. With help from Google maps we found our hotel and checked in so we could drop off our stuff.

We spent Saturday checking out the beach and Brighton pier. Somehow we justified spending £5 each just to go on a small roller coaster on the pier that goes upside down and looks down over into the sea! However when we were on the ride I hit my hand against my ear (essentially punched myself in the ear) and it pushed all my piercings slightly into their holes which made my ear bleed a bit! Ouch! We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach with our phones away from us just watching the calming sea and breathing in the sea air. It was highly relaxing. And of course, it was traditional to go get chips by the seafront in typical British style.

In the evening we got dressed up and went for a lovely meal to a little Italian we found when walking where I had a vegetarian lasagne and a sublime chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and brownie base with squirty cream pudding. We were planning to go for cocktails afterwards but we couldn't find the place so instead we went back to our hotel with our own alcohol and music to have our own party.

 On Sunday we checked out of our hotel and had croissants for breakfast. We chilled on the beach again then took a stroll down The Lanes where there are some cute little shops. There is this quite well-known chocolate shop called 'Choccywoccydodah' where you can see some amazing cakes! Our favourite was this wedding cake with skulls that said 'Til Death Do Us Part'. We also went for an Italian buffet for lunch and a hot chocolate in the afternoon just to chill before our journey home. 

But let me tell you, the journey back was a nightmare! It turned out our journey was cancelled because there was a shortage of staff! We quickly had to get on to a train which we were told was going to go to where we needed to get to next but that was cancelled too! Instead we had to take a completely different journey which then got delayed because someone was walking on the tracks! Because of the delay we then missed the train we needed to get on which happened to be the last direct train to where we needed to be next. What was originally a 4 hour journey with only 2 change of trains turned in to an 8 HOUR JOURNEY full of multiple trains, walking and a coach! We didn't get home until 2 AM and we were both absolutely exhausted from travelling for 8 hours. We had travelled to so many train stations that were nowhere near to our end destination and it was quite stressful! However, we managed to get home in the end. 

Apart from our nightmare of a journey home we had a brilliant weekend and I thought Brighton was really pretty. Although it was cold the rain stayed away and it was rather quite relaxing. Now I feel like I need to go book another weekend away!

Have you ever been to Brighton? 

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