Monday, 30 May 2016

The Body Shop Event | Pinita Colada

Hello all!

You may remember that a couple of months ago I went to an event at The Body Shop @ Cribbs Causeway which was their first event!

Well, last week they held another event to celebrate their new Pinita Colada range; a summer range with a Pina Colada scent.

On arrival we were greeted with pretty little pin trays with popcorn and a cookie on, as well as a drink. The drink was Pina Colada juice and even the popcorn was Pina Colada flavoured! It sounds wrong but it is surprisingly nice. 

Next I had a hand massage with the Pinita Colada collection under their taps. I had my hand exfoliated and moisturised which made my hand smell lovely and my skin looked brighter. Not to mention relaxed! I particularly liked the Pinita Colada Body Sorbet as it feels much lighter and absorbs faster than a body butter yet still moisturises all the same. This is probably my favourite part of their events.

Afterwards I went ahead and had my make up consultation. I wanted to know more about their blushers so the make up expert pulled out a few of their blushers and applied a neutral matte one on my face. She then showed me their new Instaglow CC Creams and tried the Peach Glow one on the back of my hand which gives your skin a glow and deals with redness. The packaging is rather nice and as someone who loves colour correcting I think they're a great idea. They also have SPF which is a bonus! In addition there are new Shade Adjusting Drops to adjust your foundation if it's not the exact colour of your skin which I think is a fabulous idea.

Lastly I had a skincare consultation with a skincare expert. Last time I had a consultation they recommend the Aloe Soothing Night Cream to me which I bought and loved so I really wanted to take her advice again as my skin has changed recently. I explained to her that because of new medication my skin was now rather dry but still acne-prone so she recommend me some of the same products as before and some new ones. I also asked her about SPF moisturisers for going abroad with as I have been looking for the perfect one!

I enjoyed the event as much as the first one and as before the staff were lovely. They also kindly gave us goody bags and I was excited to see the new Instaglow Peach Glow CC Cream in it so I will definitely be writing about that at some point!

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