Sunday, 22 May 2016

May Favourites

I think this is probably the earliest I have ever uploaded my monthly favourites blog post!

My first favourite is my Essentials Amethyst Teardrop necklace. My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday; he definitely knows my taste! It is a beautiful purple amethyst with a sterling silver chain and silver veins curling over the amethyst. I love it and I have been really enjoying wearing it.

The second favourite is the Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow '329' which Emily bought me for my birthday. I had seen these around and Emily was kind enough to buy me this lovely silver glittery one. The great thing about these is that you can use the eyeshadow dry for a more subtle look or wet for a more intense look. I have used this all over the lid or on the inner part of my eyelid. Review to come!

My next favourite I have written a review about and it is The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream. This night cream has really been helping to nourish and calm my sensitive skin and battle any dry patches. I can already see the bottom of the tub I've used it so much!

The final favourite is the Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Double Sparkle '126' Eyeshadow which I got in Dublin. An Irish YouTuber that I watch adores Inglot Cosmetics so when I went to Dublin I had planned to buy an Inglot product. This eyeshadow comes with 3 shades of blue and this month I've been particularly enjoying the middle shade of blue for applying at the corners of my eyelids and in my crease. It's like 3 eyeshadows for the price of 1! Of course, a review to come.

What have you been enjoying in May? I'm hoping to buy some make up that I can't get in my city/country on my June travels so hopefully my June favourites will be an interesting one!

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