Friday, 6 May 2016

Lush | Brightside Bubble Bar

You can never write too many Lush posts!

For those of you who don't know, the bubble bars are different from the bath bombs as they create bubbles as well as colour. You use them by crumbling them under the running tap water to make all the bubbles appear!

This is the Brightside bubble bar. It is a one of the bigger bubble bars which means you can use it for multiple baths. It is an absolutely gorgeous bubble bar with swirls of red, orange and yellow; reminding you of a sunny Summer's day. It is certainly very appealing to look at and puts you in a good mood!

As you can probably guess from the colours, this is a citrus bubble bar. Ingredients include tangerine oil, bergamot oil, gardenia extract and limonene. All of these ingredients create a citrus smell which radiates from the bubble bar and transfers into your bubbles.

I find the easiest way to use this is to hold one side under the tap. I couldn't really break off a piece when it was whole so I held it under the tap for a bit them crumbled bits when there was a dent in the bar.

The bubble bar creates plenty of bubbles and turns the water a beautiful vibrant orange which I'm quite the fan of. It doesn't take much of the product to create a decent amount of bubbles so this bar will last very many baths. At the price of £4.95, this is great!

I recommend this for people who love citrus smells, want plenty of baths out of one product and have the need to brighten up their day. This would also make a really good Lush gift to someone who enjoys soaking in bubbles.

What is your favourite bubble bar from Lush?

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