Monday, 18 April 2016

Skincare | Body Butters, Creams & Lotions

I recently moved my collection of body butters and lotions into a new set of drawers from Ikea so I thought I may as well show you guys what I've got. None of these I've actually bought myself as they have all come from birthdays, Christmases, events and beauty boxes. I mostly like to use these creams after shaving because I find I can get dry skin after shaving otherwise. I never used to remember to do it, which I think a lot of people find, however I've been getting really good at remembering the past few months!

  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream x2- I LOVE the smell of these! It is sweet, citrusy and makes me think of sugar and lime. 

  • Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter- This doesn't have a strong as smell as the Sugar Crush and is more a basic subtle cream. 
  • Bath & Body Mimosa & Violet Body Lotion- I've had this for so long I can't even remember where it came from!

  • Paco Rabanne Black XS Body Lotion- This came in a set with perfume that my friend bought me. I love the smell of the perfume so I am sure I will enjoy this.

  • Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion- I've used this a bit and it is a nice, thick vanilla lotion. Plus, how punny is the name?!

  • The White Collection Cotton Camomile Body Cream- This is what I am using at the moment out of my collection. It is a basic cream but a little goes along way and I've nearly finished it.

  • Royal Apothic Moisturising Body Creme- I got this in a GlossyBox and you apply it on to damp skin. I used it for a bit when I first got it and found it hard to remember to do it before my skin was dry so I will have to get used to it!
  • Neutrogena Nordic Berry Body Lotion Samples x3- I got these in a goody bag from Bristol Fashion Week last year. I'm saving them for travelling!

  • The Body Shop British Rose Butter Sample- This came from a goody bag at an event The Body Shop held. It came in for Mother's Day and I had a hand massage using the products from The British Rose range.

  • The Body Shop Kukui Cream Sample- Another sample from the Body Shop event. I haven't used this one before or even heard of it but I did my research and found it was from their Spa of the World range. That makes me quite excited to try it!

  • The Body Shop White Musk Body Lotion- I'm not sure how I feel about musk but it is definitely a stronger scent. Doesn't mean I won't use it though!

Now for the big daddies of body butters...

  • The Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter- This is a Christmas one and I love berry colours and smells so I can't resist.

  • The Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter- I've used this one quite a few times in the past yet still have lots left. A strong vanilla scent for sure.

  • The Body Shop Mango Body Butter x3- Can you tell which one is my favourite scent?! I don't eat mangoes but there is something about the smell that I adore. I also love the body scrub of this.

  • The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter x2- The strawberry ones just scream summer to me so will be sure to use it in the warmer months.

  • The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter- I don't know if this one is for everyone as it is a very strong cocoa scent. It's not one of my favourites but I don't hate it! 

  • The Body Shop Shea Body Butter- Everyone knows shea is great for moisturising so I'm sure this one will be nice on particularly dry skin.

Do you always remember to use body butters and lotions? What are your favourites?

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  1. I looooove the smell of Sugar Crush too but it makes me crave Starburst every time I use it. Controversially I hate The Body Shop body butters. I find them very greasy and not at all absorbent. Instead I much prefer M&S own as they smell UHmazing, are cheaper and usually on offer and actually leave my skin soft.

    Tea in the Tub