Monday, 25 April 2016

Fashion | Summer in Black: Boohoo Wishlist

I don't know about you, but I love black. Black is my favourite colour to wear, to have in my room and just in general: I love black. So even when it gets sunny and warm, I still wear black! Don't get me wrong I love reds, purples and blues too, but nothing beats black for me. It goes with everything and I find it flattering on my figure.

I've compiled a few items from Boohoo I quite like that I would love to have this year. I've been looking at Boohoo a lot the past few days as I need to start buying summer clothes for my holidays and these are my favourite pieces.

The top two items are playsuits. I've never worn or tried a playsuit before so I want to try some out this year. The first one (Julia Eyelet Detail Suedette Playsuit) is strappy with corset straps across the cleavage; showing a bit of skin. It is faux suede and would great on a night. As for the day I picked Mia Cold Shoulder Crochet Trim Playsuit which is much less fitted and more loose which I think would be great for daytime in the heat. Just remember to suntan those shoulders!

What is summer without denim shorts? Denim is my favourite material for shorts because they're tight and never seem to go out of fashion. I love hot pants to keep my legs cool in hot weather and the rips make it more grungy which I like. These denim shorts (Emma Extreme Frayed Low Rise Denim Hotpant) would look good with a vest top or maybe even a band top!

Finally, we have the cami top. This is something I've not tried before but I can't help but love the strappy part of it! It gives something extra to something basic and the straps seem to be very trendy at the moment. I love the strap effect for it's edginess and addition to detail. As for the cami I feel like it would be good for daytime as it seems to flow out slightly at the ends giving air on a warm summer day. (Bonnie Strappy Neck Woven Cami)

Now I'm not saying wear all black this summer because it attracts the heat and you'll get hot, but wearing something black is a nice way to incorporate bright summer colours into your outfit because you'll always have a colour on that goes with it. 

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that wears black all year round! It's just such a flattering and comfortable colour to wear. I am totally in love with that first play suit too!

    Lauren X