Thursday, 21 April 2016

Organisation | Nail Polish, Polish Book & Tools

Hey all!

For the last 3 or 4 years I have had quite the nail polish collection. I used to be obsessed with nail polish and racked myself up about 130 nail polishes! However, a couple of months ago I did a big tidy out and chucked away all nail polishes that had gone gloopy and gave away ones I knew I wouldn't use (i.e. the pink ones). I was also not happy with the way I organised them as I struggled to find anything I wanted and would forget about half the ones I had! 

After getting rid of all the polishes I didn't want, I had the idea of making a nail polish book. My collection is too large to remember all the shades I have so to help this I grabbed an old notebook and made a page for each colour. Then, I painted a swatch of each and every colour and wrote their name next to it. I find this extremely helpful because when I want to paint my nails I have a flick through the book and decide what colours I want to use. I can see the colours and I can see the different shades which means I manage to use everything in my collection and not just the ones I remember! If you have a large collection I really recommend doing this. 

The other way I organised my nail polishes was by organising them into colour categories in my drawer. Rather than having them all mixed up I keep them in their colour groups which makes it simple to find the one I'm looking for after choosing it from my nail polish book. I know some other people keep their polishes in their brand categories but I prefer to do it by colour. When I've chosen my polishes I will keep them out of the drawer on my bedside table ready for any touch ups and then when I'm done they go back into their groups.

When I was younger I also used to be really into nail art so I have quite a few tools, glitters and stickers too. Before I organised them they were just all over my nail polish drawer and I would forget all about them so now I keep them separate and together. As you can see in the photo above I keep all my nail files, nail art brushes, dotting tools, sponges, tweezers and nail scissors together. I keep them in a jar which is actually a Nutella jar! My favourite trick for organisation is cleaning out Nutella jars when you've eaten all the yummy goodness because the jars are actually quite nice. 

Another thing I've done to keep certain tools together is by using a tray. This is a tray I used to use on my dressing table but now I've recycled it for my nail file blocks, nail glue, stickers and gems. The tray ensures that the sheets of nail stickers don't end up getting lost amongst the jungle of nail polishes and all stay together instead.

Last of all are my nail glitters. I don't use these much if I'm honest but I keep them anyway just in case (and come on- they are pretty!). To keep these together I have recycled a cotton buds tub and put them in there. Now if I want to go for a really glittery look I can just pull out the tub and pick which colour glitter I want to go for.

So that's my nail polish and tools organisation! I am well and truly happy with my collection and how it is all laid out now which is the first time I have been happy with it. I find it easy to pick and choose what I want and it how tidied it is makes it visually pleasing for me. I didn't have to buy anything to do it and just recycled things I already had. You can do this too with things you just have lying about in your house!

How do you store your nail polishes?

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