Monday, 6 July 2015

Boots Mega Shine Colour Lock Top Coat


As an avid nail painter I have had my fair share of nail polish top coats. This is the Boots Mega Shine Colour Lock Top, obviously sold in Boots, which I got as a present from a family member a while ago.

This top coat claims to have 'mega shine'. Can I agree? Yes. This is one of the best top coats I have used in terms of shine and you get a very shiney manicure out of it.

Other positives of this top coat include that the consistency is thin enough that it makes it extremely easy to apply, makes application smooth and doesn't leave any air bubbles. I've had it a long while now and it hasn't gone gloopy and hard to apply like some nail polishes do.

However, there is a major flaw that I have found in this top coat: Does it stick to it's claim of being a 'colour lock'? No. The major flaw in this top coat is that it actually makes your nail polish more likely to come off than by itself and it doesn't lock anything in place. No matter what nail polish I use it somehow makes it really easy to chip off! I then tried it as a base coat but it still had the same effect. I want my top coat's to make my nail colour last, not make them chip easy! 

Furthermore, I did a bit of an experiment for 3 days where I had just this top coat on bare nails on one hand and the Models Own Hypergel Top Coat on the other. I found that the majority of this top coat came off within 1 day whilst the Model's Own one lasted those 3 days. How rubbish!

So overall, this top coat works good at making your nails super shiny but makes your nail polish come off straight away. I can't find any way to make use of this as no matter what layer I use it as in my manicure it works to make the polish come off straight away. For that reason, I will not be using, recommending or buying this nail polish again.

What is your favourite top coat to use? Let me know!

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