Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Benefit thePOREfessional: License to Blot


Here's something I've been really looking forward to reviewing for you guys! Benefit were nice enough to send me a sample size of their new the POREfessional: License to Blot product which is an instant oil-blotting stick.

This product has a lot of major claims. It claims to have 'tiny invisible blotting spheres which mattifies shine for up to 6 hours after application'. According to a study, 100% of participants said it absorbs surface oil. The actual real size of this product is in the shape of a triangle, making it easy to blot in the T-Zone such as the sides of your nose. You can use it before you apply your make up as a primer which also minimises your pores and/or use it on top of your make up to blot any oil that has come through, just like blotting papers. The actual product looks like this:

Photo from the Benefit Cosmetics website

So after weeks of using this product, what do I think? Well, I love it! I love how easy it is to use.  I really enjoy using it as a primer before I apply my make up. Unlike a liquid product where you have to squirt it out and rub it over your face, all you have to do with this is rub it over areas where you want to minimise pores and reduce oil. I like to use it on my chin, the area above my upper lip, my nose, the lower centre of my forehead and the areas either side of my nose where I have pores I want to minimise. I apply it in an upwards motion then leave it for at least 5 minutes before I put on my make up. The texture of the product is smooth and feels nice on the skin.

I agree that this reduces oil. I have been getting quite an oily T-Zone lately, especially on the warmer days. Thanks to this, I have less, or even none, oil coming through my make up during the day and I also believe it helps my foundation look nicer on my skin after a long day of wearing it. I also agree that this minimises pores which I am thankful for. I was kind of worried this might break me out in my T-Zone, however it fortunately has not. What I particularly like is that it is super easy to get in to sides of nose in their creases which I was excited about as I always get quite oily there which leads to patchy looking foundation.

I've got some issues with the product which aren't really even really issues but things I have just noticed. On much more warmer days, say when it gets to around the 28-30 degrees Celsius mark, I do find oil comes through a bit. However, it is not as much oil as it would be had I not been using the product and that is quite hot so I don't really find it as a weakness of the product. 

Secondly, I do not agree with the claim that it can be used over make up to blot oil. I mean yes, it does blot the oil, however it takes your make up off on that area which leave a dirty, orange mark on the product making it look very unhygienic. To me using this to blot excess oil over make up is not worth actually smudging the make up in the area off and I would instead rather just use my trusty powder over the area.

Lastly, the product does seem to sit on your skin for a while so I don't feel like I can apply my make up too soon so I instead like to do everything that I can beforehand, such as putting my clothes for the day on and putting on perfume, to give it time to give less of a slippery feeling on the skin. Despite this, it isn't really an issue for me.

That being said, I do really overall like this product. I like how it makes using a primer so easy and it does reduce oil. I am so glad I got to try it out and even though spending £15.50 on a product can seem a lot for currently unemployed me, it does actually seem quite reasonable for Benefit and I will certainly consider buying the actual product. I would also recommend it people who suffer from oily skin, especially in their T-Zone.

Have you tried it out? Let me know!
*This sample size was sent to me by the lovely Benefit Cosmetics. However, all opinions are 100% my own and I would NEVER lie about liking a product.

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