Sunday, 1 March 2015

Make Up Revolution Wishlist


Over the past months the brand Make Up Revolution are becoming more and more well known for their cheap prices, amazing dupes and for being a brand who seem to have multiple releases each and every month.

I have been eyeing up a lot of their stuff for a while now and their brand are one of my favourites to stalk on their social media sites etc. Their make up is just so pretty and affordable!

I am on a spending ban right now to save for my gap year but when I eventually give myself permission to treat myself I am going to be sure to get these!

1. I Love Make Up I Love Obsession- Pure Cult

Apart from the annoyingly long name, this palette seems amazing. What is extra great about it is that it is a near perfect dupe for Naked 3 palette but only at £3.99! I have seen swatches of these eyeshadows and they look so beautiful...definitely at the top of my list!

2. Mermaids vs Unicorns

I have been admiring this palette for months now but due to my spending ban I have been reluctant to buy it. The colours are absolutely stunning! I like wearing blue eyeshadow as I think it is a great colour for my blue eyes so I would really like to try these ones out. Such beautiful colour combinations!

3. Icon Pro 2
I think you can guess straight away what palette this is a dupe for. Of course, it is the Lorac Pro 2 palette! Not only is this immensely cheaper than the Lorac Pro 2, the Lorac Pro is also extremely difficult to get in the UK which is also why this is amazing. The colours look lovely and I would really like to try it out seeing as I will never get the chance to own the Lorac Pro 2.

What is your favourite out of these 3? Do you own any Make Up Revolution products? Let me know!
[Photos taken from the Make Up Revolution Website]

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