Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nails | Max Factor Glossfinity 'Burgundy Crush'


I haven't done a nail post in a while! Usually I enjoy doing nail art on my nails but this week I didn't have time so I thought I would use a nail polish that I haven't used yet. 

This is the Max Factor Glossfinity in shade 'Burgundy Crush' and it claims to be high gloss. I got it for Christmas in a set of make up for Max Factor and this was the first Max Factor nail polish I have ever tried.

Eh, I have mixed reviews on this one. To begin positively, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It is the most high shine, glossy nail polish I have ever used to the point wear I can see my reflection on my nails! In addition I love the colour as it looks different in various lights. Sometimes it looks red, sometimes reddy brown and sometimes purple.

The downfall? It chips like no other nail polish I have ever tried. I applied it Sunday night with a top coat I always trust and it chipped a little bit that night. In just under 24 hours pretty much every single nail had chipped quite a lot and it looked like I had the nail polish on for a week! I filled in the chips on Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning the entirety of nail polish on my index finger was gone with chips on other nails and by night time they were all, once again, chipped to some extent.

I have never used a nail polish that chips so easily and quickly! I usually like to make my nail polish last two weeks before I take it off but I am not sure I can even make this last a week. I know it doesn't claim to be long lasting but it has got to have some sort of standard! Plus I guess it says 'glossy nails for up to 7 days' so it is sort of implying it is going to last a week. I am super disappointed as I really liked the colour and probably won't buy a Max Factor nail polish ever.

Have you had a similar problem with Max Factor nail polish? Let me know!

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