Tuesday, 31 March 2015

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer Review


As you may have already seen, the other week I went to a bareMinerals Bloggers Event (click here) where we learnt about and tried different skincare and foundation products. One thing we tried out was the bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer which I was also lucky enough to get samples of in my goody bag. I have been trying it out everyday since then and I have now formed a justified opinion of it to tell you guys what I think about it!

One interesting thing about this primer which I was told about at the event is that the primer isn't like other primers. Instead of having the ingredient silicone in it, it instead has silica in it. Furthermore, the primer claims to help 'enlarged pores,uneven texture and flaky dryness' along with having a 'seamless coverage'. The primer also won the QVC Beauty Awards 2013-Best Make Up Must Have.

So what is my opinion? Well, it feels much nicer and thinner than usual silicone primers. It doesn't have that tacky feeling and it applies very smoothly. It also doesn't seem to take long to set before you can apply your make up. Additionally, I have also considerably noticed the reduction of oil in my T-zone throughout the day. There is still some slight oil but only very minor that you cannot really see from afar. This has given me a better result than I have with my usual primer.

So what can I agree with from their claims? I do believe it provides a seamless coverage, help reduce enlarged pores and uneven texture. However, I don't have any flaky dryness on my face beforehand so I cannot answer if it helps that or not.

Overall I am really impressed with this primer. I have used my samples everyday since I got it and will continue to use them until they're finished. I like how the primer feels, applies and reduces oil in my T-zone. You can buy the primer in a bottle and pump form like you can see in the photo above for £22.00. As someone who always uses budget beauty this is slightly excessive for me but I do kind of think it is worth the money so maybe when I feel like treating myself I will purchase this!

What is your favourite bareMinerals product? Let me know!

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