Thursday, 26 February 2015

What's On My Phone?


I like being nosey and seeing what people have on their phones, in their bags etc (from blogs/YouTube of course, not just physically snooping through people's stuff!) so I thought I would do a 'What's On My Phone?' post.

Let's start with what phone I have. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It is an alright phone I've had for a year but now my messages freeze so much! 

My lock screen is a photo of me and my boyfriend that I really like.

My home screen photo is a photo of my nephew, Laithan. I usually alternate between this photo and a photo of my niece Lisa-Mae so it's fair! As you can see on my homescreen I keep all my most used apps which are all my main social ones including the camera for quick photo taking.

So here is my first page of apps. I have various social apps like SnapChat and the weather app to help me decide what to wear everyday! The downside of having an Android phone is that you are forced to have unnecessary apps already downloaded on your phone that you can't uninstall so I made a folder called 'The Unnecessaries' which I've put them all in.

Of course as a Blogger I have the BlogLovin app which I find amazing to be able to see all blog posts from my favourite bloggers at one time. I can spend ages on this app!

Another example of an app I have is the My Day Countdown App. I am one of those people who like to countdown to all upcoming events no matter how far away they are and here is one of them which is mine and my boyfriend's Year & A Half anniversary.

I also have a 'Photo' folder where I have the camera and Instagram. I also have an app which I use to resize photos so they will fit on Instagram

 Here is the second page of my apps. Not much of a page but it has some decent apps on it!

 Here is my 'Travel' folder. I am beginning my gap year after June so I've been using these apps to look at places I might like to travel to. I love TripAdvisor for seeing different locations and reviews. I use the National Rail app to plan train journeys for holidaying in the UK and maps to see how far away things are, ie how close a hotel is to a train station!

 One of the most important apps on my phone is my Timetable app. I use this everyday for Sixth Form as it keeps tracks of what lessons I have and when, when exams are and any tasks I have to do. If you're in education I strongly recommend this app as it is an excellent planner and timetable that is colour-coded, organised and just amazing. I've used this for well over a year now and haven't looked back.

The TimeHop app enables you to see things you have posted on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter over the years to the date. Mine goes as far back as 5 years and it is interesting to see how something you were doing 3 years ago is similar to what you're doing right now. It reminds you of things you forgot but seeing Facebook statuses from 5 years ago can make you cringe quite a bit!

 Finally, of course, I have the YouTube app which I much prefer over using the desktop version of YouTube. It keeps good track of all my subscriptions and I cannot go a day without using it.

So there we have it! I used to have lots of games on my phone but my memory is too full now.
What apps do you have on your phone? Let me know!

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