Saturday, 25 January 2014

Too Much Balm for my Lips!

Hello BumbleBeas!

I think people are trying to tell me something. Are my lips really that bad?

But in all seriousness, before Christmas I started with two lip balms and now I've ended up with 9! Which, for someone who was never really that bothered about lip balm, is quite a lot! I only ever used the one lip balm at a time of my usual drug store one but now I have quite the variety.
  1. The Body Shop: Vanilla Bliss

This is such a lovely lip balm which I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise but glad I have it! I never normally buy vanilla scented products but this smells so good I want to eat it! Furthermore the shape of the lip balm is such a convenient idea that makes applying lip balm much easier. With someone who has long nails, dipping my finger in to lip balm pots can be quite annoying. But because of the shape of this lip balm I can apply it easily to my lips without mess!

2. The Body Shop: Wild Cherry
This lip balm has a very strong cherry smell which is on the edge of too strong for me but it's just alright for me to like. As you can see I haven't really used it yet but from what I have used it seems like a decent enough lip balm. I personally wouldn't buy it again after I finish this one as it didn't 'wow' me or anything but it was a nice enough gift to receive.

3. The Body Shop: Beurre A Levres: Mango

The first thing I thought about this lip balm was that it reminded me exactly of Hubba Bubba bubblegum? Anybody remember those? They were childhood. However, this is quite a nice lip balm which by looking at it I didn't think it was going to be that great but I was pleasantly surprised. I haven't used this lip balm yet so I cannot judge how good it is but it would definitely make a nice present for friends!

4. The Body Shop: Beurre A Levres: Shea Butter
This lip balm smells quite 'nutty' which I am not so sure about as I am not a big fan of nuts but it is a nice gift all the same. I haven't properly used it so I cannot judge it but it seems quite moisturising.

5. Born Lippy: Passionberry Passion Fruits
As you can see I have used this lip balm quite a few times so unlike the others I can actually validly review it! I absolutely love the smell; it is one of those smells you want to sit and stick your nose in all day long. It reminds me of bubblegum which I love. However, I disappointingly find that it doesn't seem to moisturise my lips at all.

6. Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm
This is my ultimate go to lip balm which I have used for two years now. It isn't tinted or anything, just a simple lip balm. But my god, it is good for your lips. It is very moisturising and soaks in nicely. It is really good for badly chapped lips and does exactly what it says on the tin. In addition it can last absolute months even when you use it daily like I do. Highly recommended.

7. Baby Lips: Cherry
My favourite baby lips ever! This is my go to lip balm when I haven't got time to do my red lipstick as this gives a lovely red tint which is noticeable. It is moisturising, easy to apply and goes well in my pocket. The smell is a nice cherry smell that is not too overwhelming. I take it everywhere and will buy another one when this one runs out.

8. Baby Lips: Pink Punch
This has another nice smell which smells just like punch and again is very moisturising. This has a pretty pink tint which is visible which for others may be nice but for someone like me who doesn't suit pink lips at all it wasn't for me. However I still do use it and when I do I put a bit on and just blend it in to my lips so the colour spreads and isn't too vivid. Still recommend it though!

9. Baby Lips: Peach Kiss
 We have our final lip balm. It isn't tinted like the other two I just shown you but smells nice and peachy. Like the rest of the baby lips collection it is moisturising and a very lovely item to keep in your bag. I think the Baby Lips collection are all perfect and I want to collect them all!

There we have it! This post took me 5 days to write so I hope you enjoyed it. What is your favourite lip balm? Have you used any of these? Let me know!

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  1. I am a big fan of lip balm, so I'm lovin' this blog post! I really like the look of the Body Shop one. I've got an EOS lip sphere that looks similar and you're right, the shape of it is much more practical! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, Briony, you pretty girly! Very nervous about life at the moment, as I am someone who likes to plan ahead. Anyway - have a fab week, lovely! x