Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Eve Nails

Hello BumbleBeas!

I would like to show you the nail art I did for New Year Eve. What did you do? I just stayed in, had a big family get together and had a takeaway. 

Anyway, on one hand I painted my nails black. When they dried I drew four straight lines coming from the corner of my nail straight out to look like the explosion of a firework. I then used a striper dipped in to neon nail varnish to go over each line for a different colour so they popped out as much as possible over the black.

On the second hand I used specific stickers that are in the shape of your nail to paint over the white part of my nails like a professional french manicure. I painted them all black and then used a nail varnish which is clear but has bits of confetti type things on the rest of my nails to look like fireworks and represent celebration.
I hope you like them!

What did you do for your nails on New Years?

Happy 2014!!

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