Thursday, 16 January 2014

20 Facts About Me for 20 Followers!

Hello BumbleBeas!

Now call me a sad newbie, but I just hit 20 followers and I am highly excited about it! Thank you so much! My unoriginal mind then decided I'd list 20 facts about me to with the amount of followers in which probably nobody cares about...but nevertheless, I am going to do it anyway. So let's begin! :)

  1. I have been a dancer for 12/13 years- I began baby ballet and kept it going right until I was 14 when I reached grade 6. I also started tap dancing when I was 7 years old and even now I still do it and have done a few competitions in my time. I'm at the intermediate level. What makes me confused is why on earth aren't I flexible and physically fit after all that time?! 
  2. 2 Years Vegetarian- About exactly two years ago I decided meat wasn't for me. Best decision I made for myself personally!
  3. I'm A Cat Person- My favourite animal has to be cats. I love them and my best friend has always been my furry little friend. Crazy cat lady one day, maybe?
  4. I Also Have Reptiles- 2 crested geckos in fact. They live at my Dads house and we also breed them and sell the babies. Sounds weird, right? Still a cat lady though.
  5. Read, Read, Read- Big fan of reading! I've always been reading one book after another and they never fail to mess with my feelings. The Fault in Our Stars, City of Bones and Divergent anyone??? You know what I'm talking about.
  6. Fan fiction- My guilty pleasure- When the characters in books aren't enough for me or the ending isn't good enough I result to the power of fan fiction to fulfil my needs. Or to read about YouTubers, actually. 
  7. Endless Lists- I need to make lists about everything about whether it's for a daily schedule, a to do list or even just a list of things I need to think about. If I don't make an organised list about something I will freak out and feel like I'm misjudging and forgetting everything. Even if my mother asks me to cook I need her to write me out a detailed list of instructions.
  8. I Don't Do Plain- Everything I own clothes wise and such as to be weird and wonderful. I do not own one pair of plain black leggings, all my leggings have to have something on them. If I ever have to resort to looking plain I do not feel myself one bit!
  9. Studs and Spikes- I would quite happily have them in everything I own. Crazy studs and spikes are my kind of thinking!
  10. Gotta Catch 'Em All- Big fan of Pokemon. One of my favourite things to paint on my nails pokeballs and I have squirtle and charamander on my wall. Where is my Pokedex again?
  11. The Baby- I am the youngest out of my four sisters and brother. Big family, yes? Christmas can be highly annoying buying for them all. 
  12. Auntie Bea- 6 months ago I became an Auntie to my beautiful little niece Lisa-Mae. I am a proud Auntie and love spending time with her. She was the best thing about 2013. Aww!
  13. Too Long- Random one to mention but when I was a child I had hair down to my bum and could wrap my hair twice round my neck for the winter. That's a lot of hair!
  14. A Levels- I am currently studying Law, Psychology, Sociology and English Language in sixth form and it is the most stressful experience. Why did I choose them, whyyyyy?
  15. University Plans- I'm not 100% sold on University but I know I should. Confusing!
  16. Gap Year- Before I go to Uni I want to have a gap year first. I really need a break from the stress that is making me ill and get a job and do some charity work. I really need it!
  17. Career- Since I was barely a teenager I've wanted to work within psychology and work with mental health for teenagers. Ideally I'd like to work in a mental health unit for teens somewhere. Mental health has always been something I'm interested in and I will be damned if I don't peruse it.
  18. Anxiety- The not so lovely thing about me is that I have anxiety disorder and it bloody sucks. Enough said. 
  19. I Don't Do Romance- I hate romance. If anyone was to ever buy me flowers and take me to a candlelit dinner for two quite frankly I'd puke on them. Sorry!
  20. I Love To Have An Opinion- Whether this is a good or bad thing, I always like to have a well researched and informed opinion and don't mind debating it. I don't enjoy being unsure about a topic and like to do research on either side to add to my knowledge and come to my own decision. Some like to say I make a very valid point and others like to think I'm stubborn. You'll have to make your own decision on that.

So that's it! Sorry for boring you with my life. But thank you if you read it the whole way through!

I appreciate you all.

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