Monday, 4 July 2016

Sephora Avocado Face Mask

Hello all,

I feel like I haven't sat down and written anything in a while! But as you may have seen in my recent Sephora Haul, I bought a few things from Sephora in Paris for the first time and this Avocado Face Mask was one of them.

To explain what it is, this is a sheet face mask which is attached to a pink film. You peel it off the film and place it over your clean face where there are holes for your eyes, mouth and nostrils. You then wear it for 15 mins before peeling it off and massaging in any excess serum for it to sink into your skin. There is no rinsing involved which is a bonus for me!

The Avocado Face Mask is designed to nurture your skin by relieving sensitive areas and giving intense nutrition. The avocado soothes and nourishes with rice extract to moisturise. There is also broccoli and sprout extract which I think helps give some natural advantages to this mask! I personally chose this mask so I could use it when my skin was being particularly sensitive and/or when I had some dry patches that needed nourishing. Because I have sensitive skin sometimes I can have a reaction which leaves areas feeling dry and sore, as well as causing redness. In addition to that I can suffer from acne so I would want to use something soothing to help keep my skin calm.

My first thoughts when I unpeeled the mask was how much serum there was! The whole packet is drenched in serum so you've got to be careful not to spill any when peeling the mask off. I love how it is absolutely soaked because then you know you're going to have a very intense mask. When I placed the sheet over my face it was a little tricky to get in the right places as it is much larger than my face. When I had it in place however I found it easy to press flat against the contours of my face such as the sides of my nose, my under eyes and under my chin. It stayed firmly in place and didn't peel off or slide down. 

When I peeled the mask off there was still serum sat on my face so I massaged it in. I then used some off of the pink film and inside the packet to rub into my neck and thoroughly around my eyes. It didn't aggravate my sensitive skin nor did it sting my eyes. The serum then didn't take too long to soak in and when it did my skin felt so soft! I did this at night time and when I woke up the next day my skin still felt very nourished. At the time I also had a dry under eye and dryness on my chin. After I used this serum the dryness didn't completely go however it did feel softer and like it had some intense treatment! I believe that it did help the process of dealing with the dry patches on my face. 

I used this Friday night as I knew I was going out Saturday night to a masquerade ball and I wanted my skin to look nice. I noted that the mask also made my complexion look a lot brighter than normal and the skin tone was more even so I thought it was perfect to use before an event!

I loved using this mask and my only disappointment was that I didn't think to save the packaging. Even though I used as much as I could all over my face and neck there was still plenty of serum left in the packaging and now I regret not keeping the it so I could use the serum again. I think if I buy one of these masks again I'll save the packaging next time!

If you don't think the Avocado Face Mask is for you there are plenty of other masks in the line with different skincare benefits and different type of masks such as some for your lips! The Sephora masks are definitely worth checking out and I will certainly pick up some more the next time I find myself in the shop. They are $6 which I think is a fair price and that is the same in euros also. 

Have you tried the Sephora masks?

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