Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Empties #12

Hey guys!

I've got some more empties for you!

My first empty is of course, the Batiste dry shampoo. But this time it is the Oriental one. It works just as well as the others and I always love the big bottles of these. Forever a repurchase of mine!

The next empty is The White Collection Beauty Cream Cotton Camomile. I always used this after shaving and it helps to moisturise my skin, smooth it and stop any bumps coming up after shaving. It is the first time I've ever managed to completely finish a body butter/cream so I am pretty proud of myself! I got it in a bath and body Christmas present one year so it has been a long time coming to finish it.

Thirdly is the Natural Collection Green Corrector Stick. I go through these like nobody's business for years and I truly recommend it to anyone who suffers with red skin and/or acne. It is a green concealer you can use on redness and it counteracts it when you put your foundation over top. I love it and it is only £1.99! 

Then we have a nail polish. I don't think I've ever had a nail polish in my empties before. I always manage to finish top/base coats but never a colour polish. But anyway, this is L'Oreal 2-In-1 Protect Base + Top Coat Nail Polish which I got in a L'Oreal gift box for Christmas a couple of years ago. It is small but from what I remember it did the job well. It got a little clumpy near it's end but wasn't so clumpy that it was impossible to use.

Lastly is my holy grail, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 'Cool Medium 02'. Yes, another concealer in my empties! I use 'Warm Medium 03' on my eyelids and 'Cool Medium 02' on the rest of my face and it is a good match. I only ever use this concealer and never stray from it because I know it works so well for me!

That's it for June! Feel free to read May's Empties here.

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