Thursday, 21 July 2016

Lush Wishlist

Christmas and birthday come Lush heavy for me so I don't normally have reason to go and buy a few things in Lush. However, there are quite a lot of new things in Lush now that I haven't tried and these are the 4 things I am desperate to buy!

  • You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil- I've never eaten mango but I love the scent so I have high hopes that this will smell like mangoes! I've also never tried the bath oils before so I would like to try one. On the Lush website it seems the water goes a beautiful green colour and I love a vibrant bath!

  • Lava Lamp Bath Bomb- This bath bomb looks super cool! It makes the water orange and has purple orbs floating around on the surface of the water just like a lava lamp. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

  • Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask- The colour of this is what originally had drawn me to it. I want to have a bright blue face! The Lush fresh face masks are always a winner. This mask has got both refreshing and moisturising properties in it so I think this would be a nice one to use before an event.

  • Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar- Why wouldn't you want a flamingo bubble bar?! This just screams cocktails and holidays at me which I am totally all about. 

What do you want to try from Lush?

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