Sunday, 5 June 2016

Summer Clothes Haul + Try On ft Boohoo, New Look, Primark & Debenhams


I'm doing a post that's a bit unusual for me today and that is a clothes haul and try on post. One of my blog goals is to incorporate more of my clothing into my posts so here we are. As you're reading this I will be away travelling and all of these clothes were bought for that and my upcoming holiday in mind. I needed Summer clothes that would be easy to carry around and wear abroad so here is what I bought!

First we have my first ever playsuit, the Julia Eyelet Detail Suedette Playsuit from Boohoo which I mentioned in my Boohoo Summer in Black post. I wanted a playsuit because they're the whole outfit and would be easy to carry around. I love it! It makes me feel so confident. It is faux suede material with eyelets lacing up the ties in the middle to make a bow. This means that you can have them as pulled together as you want or loser which also allows for various boob sizes!

Another item from Boohoo is the Kaylee Printed Kimono. I wanted this as something more summery to wear abroad as I only really own black cardigans. It is flowy, loose and is light enough to wear abroad whilst keeping your shoulders covered. The background is a off-white with black swirls all over which was my favourite thing about the design.

I then went to New Look and bought these light blue hotpant denim shorts with ripped details. My previous denim shorts are now a size too small for me so I desperately needed to replace them. I don't like shorts that show your bum or shorts that are knee length so these are the perfect shorts for me! I've already been wearing them with tights so I know I'll use them throughout the year.

Another item from New Look is this hat. I've never worn a hat before in my older years as I think they look silly on me but I really wanted a hat to protect my hair colour from fading too much in the sun. Trust me to be more concerned about my hair colour than burning my head! It is a classic black, slightly floppy hat with a thick ribbon around the top. I like it has it gives me gothic, witchy vibes and it'll go with practically anything.

Again from New Look are these black flat shoes. Believe it or not but I actually don't own any comfy flat shoes nor do I own any trainers! I HATE trainers and I only feel comfortable in chunky boots. However, I knew I reluctantly needed to buy some flat shoes for travelling where I'll be walking around all day everyday. It took me ages to find some I liked but I finally found these black ones. They are super comfy and the inside part where your heels sit are so comfy and squidgy that they'll be perfect for walking in! There is no leather material which is good as I won't wear leather and there is a woven pattern which is also a nice detail. 

My final item from New Look are bikini bottoms which I am showing with a bikini top that I bought from Debenhams. I needed a new bikini as I only had 1! I first bought the bikini top from Debenhams as Debenhams is the only shop I really for bikini tops. Because of my small boobs not many shops do bikini tops to cater for my size and I also don't like them to show how flat chested I am. Debenhams do fantastic bikini tops for small boobs that add a bit of oomph to them. This black halterneck bikini top has water padding in the boobs to add size to them and the halterneck also gives a plunge effect for the ultimate cleavage. Now that's how I like my bikini tops! My bikini bottom is then from New Look which are high waisted; but my Mum calls them my 'granny pants'. I don't feel comfortable in bikini briefs as they show too much for me so I like bikini shorts and high waisted ones. These have a cut out effect on the sides which I think makes them less like 'granny pants' and look great on! I can also easily roll the top down if I am laying in the sun to avoid higher up tan lines.

After New Look I then headed over to Primark where I found this top. It is a slightly cropped t-shirt with a cat poking out of the pocket as if I had a cat sat in my pocket. I love cats, so I knew I had to get it! What makes it even better is that on the pocket it says 'You've got to be kitten me!' Ah, so punny. When I'm in Amsterdam I am actually visiting a cat cafe so this will be 'purrfect' for then. 

That's it! What is your favourite item out my of haul? I won't need to shop for clothes for a while now!

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