Thursday, 19 February 2015

Nail Art | Cats


As I sat and wondered what to do for my next nail design my boyfriend suggested to me that I should do cats jokingly. But I thought, actually- challenge accepted! I am a total cat lover so this is perfect for me.

First I painted my nails with a base coat. I then painted the the tips of my nails in a strip of black. Then, using a black striper I had drawn half a circle on top of the stripe and coloured it in for the head. Still using the striper I then filled in two triangles on the head for ears. I allowed all this to dry.

Next I used a white striper to fill in two small eyes. I heard you can also use a toothpick for this but for some reason I always struggle with toothpicks. The white is so you can make the green eyes pop against the black. I then got a neon green nail polish and used a thin paintbrush to go over the white. I allowed this to dry.

Last but not least I used the black striper to draw lines down the eyes for the pupils that look like slits.

I recommend using a very good top coat for this design as you don't want your new design that you've put hard work into to chip within one day! However I'd definitely leave it a while before applying a top coat otherwise you're bound to streak the design and ruin it. I did my nails before I went to bed and then applied a top coat after I woke up.

As for my thumb, I had some sticker letters I wanted to try out so I decided to have 'Meow' across my thumb which is optional. I topped this off by painting the tip of my nail black which I also did on my left hand as there was no way I could paint cats with my non-writing hand!

What do you think? I got this idea from CutePolish on YouTube so be sure to check her out!

PS- Have you seen the film How To Train Your Dragon? If so, don't you think my cats look like Toothless?!

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