Friday, 13 February 2015

Lush | Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar [Valentine's Day Range]


In mark of Valentine's Day tomorrow I thought I would review the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. for you guys from Lush's Valentine's Day range.

I have had my eye on this bubble bar since the day Lush released their Valentine's range and although I am supposed to be on a spending ban I just couldn't resist getting this. I mean look how cute it is!

It is a multi-coloured horn which I had great fun in holding on my forehead and making what I believed to be Unicorn noises. What made it even cuter was that it has multiple little stars on it!

Last night I used just over half of the bubble bar to run a bath. Whilst running it under the tap it created lots of bursts of colour. It also created lots of lovely bubbles and although you cannot see it in the photo the water was a hint of pastel purple which I thought was quite nice. The stars also lasted the experience and hung out at the bottom of my bath to add to the effect.

The only problem I have with this bubble bar is the smell. The bubble bar is a lavender one and smells highly of it which you can also smell in the water/bubbles. Although this is a good thing that it has a long-lasting smell- I hate lavender! But although I can't stand lavender I ignored it for the sake of having a Unicorn Horn.

Depending on how large you have your baths and how many bubbles you like I reckon this bubble bar can be used for 2 baths. It is super cute and I would buy it for others and again for myself. I definitely recommend picking it up for yourself- you don't need a partner to buy it for you this Valentine's Day! It may even be on sale after the day of love. It is such a fun treat and I hope it comes out again next Valentine's Day.

Have you got the Unicorn Horn? Let me know!
Have a nice Valentine's Day!

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