Sunday, 8 February 2015

Max Factor Colour Correcting Green Stick


Whenever I apply make up without I doubt I use a green corrector stick first. I have a lot of redness I want to cover up and I have gone through countless amounts of green corrector sticks of different kinds and this is one of them: the Max Factor CC Stick.

Max Factor have many colour correcting sticks for different issues but this is a green one for redness. It looks like a chubby crayon and is in a pen-like tube which you can twist up from the end.

I can definitely say this does the job. Because of its shape it is easy to get into corners like the corners of your nose and then you can turn it on its side to cover larger areas. I just swipe it over my redness, apply my foundation then taa-dah, it's done.

Taking into account I use this every single day and over the majority of my face, this lasted me about a month and a half. I've only got two minor issues with it: the smell and the price.

It smells like plastic. It doesn't make your face smell like plastic luckily when you take the top off you are greeted by the smell of plastic which I haven't experienced with other colour correcting sticks.

The price is £8.99 which makes it the most expensive colour correcting stick I have used however this is my second one so it obviously isn't completely off-putting. Although this stick is easier to use than others and doesn't break like others I think I will stick to cheaper ones.

Do you use any colour correcting items?

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