Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Best of 2014 | Books & DVDs!

Hey guys!

I thought I would share with you my favourite books and DVDs from 2014 as well! To view my favourite make up and skincare from 2014, click here.


  • Looking for Alaska- Because I have been a fan of the author John Green for years as he is a YouTuber, I knew I wanted to read every book he had written. This book is my second favourite after The Fault in Our Stars. It is written beautifully, makes you ask questions and may make you cry a little. An excellent read!
  • Divergent (and the rest of the series)- I fell in love with Divergent and the rest of the series. They are absolutely gripping with some fantastic characters that draw you into their world. I recommend it to those who are a fan of The Hunger Games and City of Bones!
  • Shock of The Fall- As someone who is extremely interested in Psychology and working in a mental health unit this book was definitely for me. Furthermore the author was someone who went to the school I went to and this book is based around the area we live in! It is a great read that takes you into the mind of someone and the book even won the Costa Book Award in 2013. 
*I couldn't find my collection of them amongst the many books that I own but I would also include City of Bones and the rest of the series here. Likewise to Divergent it is absolutely gripping, full of twists and full of thorough and wonderful characters.


  • The Fault in Our Stars- As a huge fan of the book I couldn't wait for the film. In fact, I saw a pre-screening of the film because I couldn't wait for the release date! I absolutely adore TFiOS and I cried my eyes out. A lot. 
  • Divergent- Because me and my friends love the books we went out the day it came out (which happened to be the day after my birthday) to go and see it. It was action-packed, stuck true to the book and was quite frankly amazing.
  • Chicago (musical)- Although the film for this musical came out years and years ago, I put this in 2014 because I had finally gotten the DVD of it for my birthday. Chicago is one of my favourite musicals and I am not afraid to say I know every word to every song. It is on my bucket list to see this musical and the film is definitely a must see. I highly recommend it! If you've ever heard of the song 'And All That Jazz'- it's from this!

What were your favourite books and films from 2014? Let me know!

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