Saturday, 19 July 2014

Becoming An Auntie Again| The 5 Benefits of Being An Auntie!

On the 3rd of April I found out I was going to be an Auntie again. The previous year my sister had my niece Lisa-Mae, and then surprisingly this year one of my other sisters is pregnant! It is the most bizarre feeling not being an Auntie and being the youngest of the family at the beginning of one year to being an Auntie to two by the end of the following year.

Here is the scan of my NEPHEW whose due date is the 25th of November:
There are 5 benefits of being an Auntie:

1. It's great practise before (possible) motherhood:
Before my niece was born last year I had never held a baby in my life. I had no idea what to do with babies or how to look after them. However as the months went on I got to know everything there is about caring for a baby which I think is a valuable life experience. If I ever became a mother in the future I will be very thankful for this knowledge I now know!  

2. You can give them back:
Another benefit is that you can have enjoy the fun of playing with babies/children and the excitement of watching them grow...then give them back! I'm not saying I haven't had my fair share of nappy changing and constant crying, but it was always good knowing I could give my niece back to her parents when the going got tough. Although this is perhaps a shallow benefit of being an Auntie, it certainly is an advantage!  

3. You have an excuse to do children's activities again:
Something I enjoy whilst having a niece is that I can sort of live my childhood again through her. You can now watch children's programmes and play with children's toys with a valid reason! 

4. You can watch them grow and develop:
I find it so fascinating how babies learn, grow and develop. It means so much to share first moments with them such as their first time crawling, first tooth and first steps. Seeing them smile for the first time and hearing their cute little laughs is music to your ears. 

5. You see your sibling grow and develop too:
Everybody changes when they become a parent. It is interesting to see your brother/sister who you have known all your life change as a person when they become a parent. Suddenly that sibling you once knew as a child and as a moody teenager is now a mature adult with responsibility and such strong emotion for their child. 

Here are a few photos of me and my niece from the day she was born to her first birthday which was last weekend:

Are you an Auntie? Do you agree with my 5 benefits? Let me know!

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