Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter Tag!

 Top 2 Winter Beauty Essentials
My Top 2 Winter beauty essentials both come from Lush actually!
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub: a yummy girly lip scrub that's natural and great for exfoliating the rough skin from your lips. I have been using this an entire year now and it still hasn't finished- it is fantastic!
  • Dream Cream Hand and Body Cream: The best product ever. I buy this religiously and even though it can perhaps be seen as a bit pricey at £10 it is fantastic for those with eczema or extremely sensitive skin (like me). Nothing has worked for sensitive skin like this cream has! I will continue to use it FOREVER.

❄ Top 2 Winter Fashion Essentials
Boots and a jumper! Right now I am really digging my studded boots with fur inside from New Look which I also had last year along with my knitted skull jumper from PunkyFish which I also used last winter too. Great for keeping warm and fashionable when you are out!
❄ What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?
Studded, spiked, black boots. Always.
❄ Favourite Winter Accessory
Fingerless gloves that are great for keeping your hands warm yet still giving you the ability to do things. Right now I am sporting fingerless blue gloves with mittens on and on the mittens is a cat's face! I think they are from Accessorize but I am not entirely sure.
❄ Favourite Winter Nail Polish
In my eyes, every nail polish is for every season! Really digging sky blue polishes at the moment as it reminds me of when the sun comes through on a cold winter morning.
❄ Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?
Hot chocolate definitely!
❄ Favourite Winter Candle?
I don't do candles, sorry!
❄ Snowboarding or Skiing?
Neither because I suck and I don't like snow/ice (sorry not sorry!)
❄ Have you ever gone Ice Skating? Are you any good or do you FAIL miserably?
I went once. Never again. Worst experience ever!
❄ Does it snow where you live?
Yes! But not great amounts of it. 
❄ Have you ever made a snowman?
When I was much younger yes but we don't ever get enough snow to make a snowman.
❄ What holiday do you celebrate?
Christmas and New Year :D Christmas is my all time favourite as it is fun just to spend time with family and show your love for them through the gift of giving.
❄ Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
I don't have one. Is that bad?
❄ Favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Of course, it has to be Elf!
❄ What is your favourite winter treat? (candy cane, gingerbread, etc…)
Mince pies! This year both me and my Nan have made it our mission to try out all the mince pies from all the supermarket brands and find out who has the best! ;)
❄ If you were to ask Santa for one thing and you were guaranteed to get it, what would it be? (even if you don’t celebrate Christmas)
An IQ+ drug that makes me sail through A Levels and University haha!
❄ Do you have anything fun planned for this winter?
Spend time with friends, family and my boyfriend. I strongly believe Christmas is the time to just relax, unwind and show your appreciation for people. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

PS- I tag !!!

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