Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Day Make Up

Hey BumbleBeas,

I thought I'd show you all my make up from Christmas day :-) I used lipstick and eyeliner I received for Christmas.

The lipstick is by L'oreal Paris and is No, 461. It has such a stunning gold case which I think makes it look ever so appealing! In addition the colour and strength of the red is beautiful and I absolutely love it.

The liquid eyeliner is also L'oreal Paris and is called Super Liner. I found the eyeliner super easy to use and found it quicker than I do with other eyeliners to do my make up without making mistakes. However, despite how easy it was to use it kept smudging on to the skin above my eyelid so I had to keep checking it throughout the day which was highly annoying. Bittersweet really.
Did you have a nice Christmas? What did you get? What did you do for your make up?


  1. I love your xmas makeup!! Especially the red lips :D