Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Piercings: My experience

Hello BumbleBeas. :-)

So I have decided my first proper post is going to be about piercings and my experience of them. Like I said in my introduction post, I am a big fan of piercings and have 7 ear piercings in total. I thought I would share with you my piercings and my experience of them in hope that it interests you or maybe even help you in your own piercing decisions!

This is a (rather bizarre photo to take) of my ear with the most of my piercings. I have labelled them for you so you know them by name and it will also make it easier for me to explain them.

Ear Lobe: The first piercing I ever had when I was about 7 years old. I don't particularly remember it but I had it done in both ears at the same time as I knew after one I would run out! I don't have a very good pain threshold surprisingly. They didn't hurt too bad as far as I remember though and they've been perfectly fine ever since.

Second Earlobe: This was the second piercing I ever had which again I had done in both ears at the same time. I had this done when I was about 14 years old and I crushed my best friend's hand for dear life in the process (Sorry Emily!) Despite my dramatic reaction it wasn't too painful and only stung a little afterwards. I have never had problems with this piercing and it has been okay ever since.

Helix/Ear Rim: I had this done for my 15th birthday and this was honestly the most painful piercing I had overall. Due to it being a cartilage piercing they're much more painful than having your earlobe pierced and have a much longer healing time. In total it took my piercing 7 months to heal properly! For the first few days I couldn't sleep on that side of my body as it would hurt the piercing but that wasn't for long. To my surprise it never bled like I expected to.

Tragus: Wow, ok. So this is a long one to explain. I had this done on my 16th birthday and even though I said my helix piercing was the most painful overall, this was the most painful in the actual piercing process. As much as I love my tragus piercing I don't think I could ever get it done on my other ear as it hurt a lot! However please don't let me put you off getting it done as it is a lovely unique piercing that I do not regret having done. Even though it hurt so bad having it done I barely felt it afterwards which was a relief. But unfortunately it didn't go on easy afterwards. A week or so later it fell out and I had NO IDEA where it went. Panicking about it growing over me and my mum went to the shop to buy another bar to put in it. And what did we find when we were putting the new bar in? THE OLD BAR WAS INSIDE MY EAR! Admittedly this scared the heck out of me and I had to have it pulled out with tweezers. Ouch! Then I had to put the new bar in which hurt crazy bad and it bled. The day after this one fell out too! But luckily after all that the experience was over and my piercing has been fine ever since. We think the problem was my tragus had swollen up so much that it pushed the piercing out. My tragus stayed swollen for 5 months afterwards and then it all healed up completely. The only thing I would say about this piercing as it means you cannot put an earphone properly in your ear anymore! So I suggest only getting one ear done.

Third Earlobe/Ear Rim: This is the most recent piercing I've had. It didn't hurt too bad and I had no problems with it afterwards apart from the fact that after having it done it bled a lot and I had to walk round town with blood all down my neck! Not nice. This was the first piercing of mine that ever bled and it shocked me that it was only that one when I heard so many stories about cartilage piercings bleeding.

And that's it for piercings! The only other thing I have to say is that I have stretched my other earlobe to 4mm. I have had it stretched for about two and a half years and even though it isn't that big I still love it. Perhaps in another post soon I will explain my ear stretching experience.
^ It is the one with the spiral!

Thanks for reading.

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