Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb Review

Product: Sex Bomb bath bomb from www.Lush.co.uk
Rating: 8/10
Recommended for: Buying for your girlfriend or for yourself as a relaxing girly treat.
I used sex bomb so I could relax in the bath whilst reading my magazine. It fizzed out fairly quickly and turned the water a lovely shade of baby pink. What was also nice was that there is a little fake rose that floats about the bath. Eventually I pulled all the petals apart so I could have them floating about.
I really liked the bath bomb, however I didn’t like its smell that much or how it lingered on my skin. But it wasn’t too bad as I was in there for an hour and a quarter! Furthermore I’m not a very girly girl so this didn’t amaze me too much. Nevertheless, I would buy it again. If you’re looking to be romantic I highly recommend this bath bomb though!

*please note this review was written by me in February on a previous tumblr account of mine

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