Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Wishlist

Hello Bumblebeas! is an online jewellery store selling absolutely gorgeous alternative jewellery mostly involving different types of beautiful rocks and stones. They are slightly on the expensive side for those who don't have a job (like me), but perfectly priced for those who have the cash to spend! But let me tell you- they're so damn worth it.The type of jewellery they sell is the type of jewellery that is 100% bound to gain you plenty of compliments and make a simple outfit look fab.

So what is on my RegalRose wishlist this Christmas? Although there is only two products I am asking for Christmas these definitely won't be my last pieces of jewellery from there.

1. Click here to take you to the link for the product.
Now, call me Satanic if you wish, but I adore this simple choker. It is definitely my kind of thing which I know isn't for everyone but I believe it is gorgeous. It would definitely add that 'darker chic' kind of look to anyone's outfit. Kind of hoping my boyfriend will get me this for Christmas! If you're interested they sell the same product but as a smaller pentagram at £12 I think it is if that is better for you.

2. Click here to take you to the link for the product.

Now this is just stunning. They have many necklaces like these but this one caught my eye the most as it reminds me of the galaxy. This is one of those necklaces that I'd wear with pretty much anything and every time I look at it I just want to drool! I know a friend who has one similar to this and she is always getting compliments on it. What a beauty!

Which is your favourite? What else do you like on there? Please check the store out; you will NOT regret it.

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