Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kiko Milano Endless Love Lipstick & Lip Liner 05 'Soft Marsala'

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So you want to buy yourself, your best friend or partner a lovely treat for Valentine's Day? Then look no further.

Kiko recently brought out a limited edition range called their 'Best Friends Forever' range. A part of this range were 'Endless Love' lipstick and lip liners. The 'Intensely Lavish' lipsticks and lip liners in their previous limited edition 'Rebel Romantic' range were a big hit with me so when I saw this range I knew I wanted more. 

What drawn me to the lipsticks and connects it to Valentine's Day is the packaging and lipstick shape. The lipstick lid has a heart shape on it which shows the colour of the lipstick (which does seem true to actual colour). This idea instantly reminded me of the YSL lipsticks where it has an open space to show the lipstick colour. But the best part about the lipstick was the actual lipstick. The product is in the shape of a heart! This certainly makes it a photogenic item and makes it different to anything else I have in my collection. It stands out and really fits the Valentine's theme. 

The lipstick has a click on lid as opposed to a magnetic lid like the other Kiko lipstick I have. I prefer the magnetic lid as it makes it seem more luxurious and makes a satisfying clicking noise, however I am glad the lid has a mechanism to ensure that the lid won't come off. That means it is safe in your handbag!

The formula is described as pigmented and creamy with extracts of bixa orellena seed (whatever that is?). I picked up the colour 05 'Soft Marsala'. It is a deep plum colour with a slight sheen to it and red tones, very similar to that of the Kiko lipstick I already own. I was gutted when I realised mine was limited edition so I made sure I picked up a similar colour! I certainly agree that it is pigmented and creamy as it is a bold lip that slides on with such ease and is so creamy that you can rub your lips together like you would a lip balm. I would say this slightly more creamy than my other Kiko lipstick which is also described as creamy.

The lasting power is fair. If I weren't to eat or drink anything it would last all day without fading. If I were to eat carefully, the colour would mostly stay there with the colour being taken off mostly at the sides of my mouth. When I drink some of the product does come off, but not necessarily enough to be reapplied. However, if it does need to be reapplied that is okay as it layers nicely and doesn't go funny like some lipsticks do. 

I've only got 2 issues with the lipstick. Although it being in the shape of a heart is very pretty, it does make applying it slightly harder. I prefer to apply straight from the bullet rather than using a lip liner, which does kind of prove a problem. Because of the shape it makes it hard to precisely follow the shape of your lips and cover all over. I have to make sure I am using one of the rounder edges of the heart and not press the whole bullet over my lips. If I do that it misses parts of lips and goes over the line which does not make it easy to clean up. My other problem is that because of the shape there isn't as much product. To compare, in this lipstick there are 3g of product whilst my other Kiko lipstick has 3.5g, all for the same price. It is pretty thin so I don't see this lasting very long if I use it very frequently!

As for the lip liner, I do prefer it paired up with the lipstick as opposed to using the lipstick on its own. It helps me to follow the lines (which I said can be hard with the heart shape) and helps the colour to last. The lip liner packaging is in the shade of the colour which I like and is a twist up lip liner as opposed to a pencil that needs to be sharpened. On one hand I prefer this as I always end up with sharp bits on the pencil when sharpening, but on the other hand this means I do find it slightly harder to control. Occasionally I find I accidentally go off my lips and end up drawing on my face! So this does need a bit of practice. The lip liner is a good idea to use with creamy lipsticks as I think if I didn't use one, this lipstick would be in danger of smudging.

Overall I really like the duo and they meet the standards I now expect with Kiko. I'm so glad I found a similar colour to the one I love and it looks very nice in my collection and in photos. If I had been given this for Valentine's Day I would have been smitten with it so it will make a nice gift for your fellow lipstick lover. However, this lipstick is transferable so won't be perfect for Valentine's Day kisses!

So will you be buying from their 'Best Friends Forever' range or do you already have something? The lipsticks are a very reasonable price at £5.90 whilst the matching lip liners are £3.90.

Also, if you want to read the review I wrote on the other Kiko lipstick and lip liner that I keep raving about, click here.

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