Friday, 12 February 2016

February | My Playlist #3

  • Eskimo Kiss by The Kooks- This is a song that my boyfriend introduced me to in the beginning of our relationship that I have liked ever since. I have been listening to it a lot recently because it is actually on the CD my work use in their store! It is a cutesy song and is one you will pick up the lyrics off.

  • Love Is An Open Door from Frozen- This is a totally random one, but my 2 year old niece loves songs from Frozen and she likes this one because it is one of my favourites. Every time I see her I put this song on so we can have a dance and a sing song to it. It's so adorable her pointing at me singing "with you!"

  • Me and Mrs You by Michael Buble- This song is on an album I got for Christmas and I love singing along to it. I love a bit of Buble and his swingin' style. 

  • Sunday Morning by Maroon 5- Another song my boyfriend introduced to me in the beginning of our relationship. It is another sing-a-long for me and it is definitely the song that I listen to on a Sunday! The only annoying thing is that in the music video it takes about 23 seconds to start the song because they have a part at the start where people are singing karaoke of the song and it makes me cringe.

  • Nicotine and Alcohol Saved My Life by Deaf Havana- When I was about 13/14, this was my absolute favourite song and I listened to it on repeat. I've recently started listening to it again and somehow I still remember all the words. Wikipedia describe Deaf Havana as an 'alternative rock' band and it won't be to everyone's taste if you don't like screaming vocals.

So that's what I've been listening to lately. What about you? You can see what was on my playlist last time here.

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