Monday, 1 June 2015

Organisation | The Benefits of Whiteboards


A bit of a different post for me today...I wanted to show you one of my favourite ways of being organised- and that is through the use of a whiteboard!

I have had a whiteboard in my room for about a year now. I am really big on making visual lists and organising everything I need to do in a visual way so my mind feels a little less cluttered. In addition I love to see my list get smaller and smaller and get great satisfaction out of ticking things off a list because they make me feel like I have achieved is the little things in life.

You can use whiteboards for various things. As you can see in the picture, at the moment I am using my whiteboard to create a 'To Do List' for each day. In the left hand corner I will write what day it is and then list off things I need to do underneath. My whiteboard also has magnets that came with it which I use as bullet points. You can also see that in the right hand corner I write down when my next driving lesson will be and what time it will be. When I've achieved something I will cross it off on my whiteboard- as you can see I have already changed my bed covers today! I like to make my lists colourful as well to make tasks seem a little less boring.

But you can also use it for other things. When I was in sixth form I used it to put down what homework I had to do and used the magnets to bullet point each subject. I would then cross off a homework if I had done it. 

Another way to use it is for work. When I had a Christmas job I used the whiteboard to put down what days and hours I'd be working. I created a big table on it with columns for days, times and hours in total. I would then cross off each shift after I had done it.

For now it is working great for me as a To Do List. I have exams coming up so it is useful for me to write down a To Do List in a time where I need to be most organised. 

I have been meaning to, since I got the whiteboard, hang it up on my wall but I keep forgetting to do it so at the moment I perch the whiteboard up against a chest of drawers.

You can get a whiteboard cheap in loads of places. Mine was from Hobbycraft which is a craft store in the UK but I have seen whiteboards in supermarkets such as Tesco so I would just suggest checking out your local supermarket or craft store. Of course, you can always find them online on Amazon. You can also find whiteboard pens pretty much anywhere. Mine came with a whiteboard rubber, a little shelf thing to put the pens and whiteboard rubber on and bits to add to the back of the whiteboard so you can hang it up on a wall. 

Now I can cross off 'Do blog post'!

What do you think? What other ways do you use to stay organised? Let me know!

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