Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Nails | Essie 'Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo'


I thought I would share with you guys what I have got on my nails right now. I wanted something simple and to use a product I knew had long lasting power so I would have less chips to spend time filling in. This is because I've got exams coming up so I don't want to have to spend time sorting out my nails when I need to revise.

So what did I think of for long lasting staying power and a limited amount of chipping? Essie of course! The world-famous, brilliant Essie.

I picked 'Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo' which I got in a free Winter collection for Essie at Christmas. I love this shiny silver colour that catches the light and stands out. What I like is that because it reflects the light so much it gives the effect of glitter without the difficulty of removing it later.

What do you think? What's your favourite Essie nail polish? Let me know! 

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