Monday, 22 June 2015

Now That I'm On My Gap Year...


I have the most liberating news to tell you. I am finally on my gap year!

You have no idea how long I have been waiting to be able to say that. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now as sixth form was honestly the most stressful time of my life so far.

I feel so free now. I am not weighed down by exams, my sixth form and feeling like I don't fit in. Instead I now feel free to enjoy all my hobbies that I had to put on hold, and to relax and just remember who I am again. I am so looking forward to getting back into reading and my tap dancing again.

I just feel like I've spent so much time being serious, studying like crazy and feeling like I don't fit in that I need the break to be me again- before I go off to University!

I am planning to get a job as soon as possible so I can save up money to do some travelling next year with my friends. Nothing is for definite yet apart from my 'girls' holiday in September but there is travelling definitely in the talks.

In regards to my blog, I will be able to give it a lot more attention now and put more effort in to now I don't have essays to do. I really want to make this blog a great place for myself and for others- so watch this space!

Whatever you're doing right now that is getting you down and stressing you out, you can do it. Know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you have it in you to get through all of this! 

Stay smiling.

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