Tuesday, 16 September 2014

L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara


I have been using this mascara for a long while now so it's about time I reviewed it.
I had been wanting this mascara for ages so when I received it has a present I was really excited. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and the name 'Miss Manga' made me have hope for bold, long lashes like the girls in manga illustrations have. I got the colour black but there are also the colours turquoise and purple available. How cool is that?

Another intriguing thing about the mascara is the brush. Firstly is an interesting shape, as I best describe as like sound waves, and secondly it is a flexible brush that can bend around.

So what do I think? Well, I love it. I believe this is certainly the best mascara I have ever used for long and bold lashes. I love how when you use the brush the flexibility of it means it moves with your lashes as you apply the mascara and ensures it gets the entire length of your eyelashes. Furthermore the smaller bristles at the end are perfect for getting little eyelashes and the ones in the inner corner of your eye. In addition I don't find any clumps either. Fantastic!

My only problem with the mascara is that I cannot use it on my lower lashes. Although on the mascara it says for upper and lower eyelashes I find that although it looks good on upper and lower, the mascara on the lower lashes smudges quite quickly on to my face. To resolve this problem I use a different mascara for my lower lashes, which right now is Max Factor False Lash Effect. 

Overall I really love this mascara and would also like to try the turquoise one as it looks both fun and beautiful! L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara is £8.99.

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Lengthening 
  • Deep colour
  • No clumps
  • Makes eyes look more open
  • Flexible brush
  • Brush has smaller bristles for smaller lashes

  • Smudges quite quickly on your lower lashes

Have you used this mascara? Let me know!

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