Friday, 19 September 2014

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner


This is my current liquid eyeliner. It is the Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner in black from Maybelline at the reasonable price of £5.99.

This eyeliner claims to never skip, never dry out and to be easy to use with the 0.4mm brush for defined black lines. It also claims to be suitable for sensitive eyes.

So what do I think? Well to begin with, I have sensitive eyes and it doesn't irritate them which is positive. I also really like the thin brush as I find it the easiest brush I have ever used for eyeliner! I pretty much daily like to have winged eyeliner but I always struggle with doing the wing. However, with this brush it is much easier- I can create really defined tips and lines and do the wing almost immediately! So I believe it is perfect for those who struggle with eyeliner like I always did.

Another thing I like about the brush is that it is easy to sweep a line over your eye with one stroke without skipping. If you begin in your inner corner with the tip you can draw a slight line then as you bring it out if you lean more on the brush the line becomes thicker. This is such a nice effect and looks tidy without taking too much time.

BUT, I do have an issue with it. Although the eyeliner on my eyelid lasts all day without fading, I cannot say the same for the wing part. By the end of the day the wing is slightly cracked, dry and faded along with losing the intensity of the colour. To resolve this I go over the wing and wing only hours later just to bring it back to life. It isn't particularly noticeable from afar but when you're up close you notice the issue.

Overall this is the best eyeliner brush I have used and I find it really easy to do winged eyeliner everyday. Although the wing fades and you have to reapply, it is still quite a good eyeliner. I would like to look for other eyeliners where the wing actually stays the same all day but I would also buy this eyeliner again because I can get over the issue for how easy it is to use.

  • The eyeliner on your eyelid lasts all day
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Brush makes doing precise lines really easy
  • Doesn't skip
  • Nice packaging
  • Easy to alter the thickness of the line by the way you position the brush
  • Great price

  • Wing fades and cracks slightly after a while

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