Sunday, 29 June 2014

Models Own Sticky Fingers Nails + Review!


I have been meaning to upload this for about two months now and I have finally gotten round to it. When I was given this Models Own Sticky Fingers by my mother I was so excited as it was something I had wanted for ages!
For those of you who don't know, Models Own have a collection of 'Sticky Fingers' which is basically one of their nail varnishes and a set of nail stickers which you can get various designs for. My one was the Pop Art with the red nail varnish.

I really like what I did with it and I liked how it looked. Here is what I did:

This is what the product looks like in its packaging:
The nail varnish looks like this. I love the vibrancy of the red and it goes on well.

Here is the sheet of stickers. I thought the shape of the sheet of stickers was a bit odd but that's not a problem. As you can see there are many different stickers to use that come in different sizes to fit different nails.

On the back of the box are instructions, although the process is pretty self explanatory. You paint your nails and allow them to fully dry then apply the stickers with a top coat on top.
I managed to make the stickers last 6 days before they peeled off. I used the Models Own 5 in 1 Top Coat on top and reapplied it once nearly every day. I would also everyday just run my fingers over the stickers to make sure the edges were firmly stuck down still.

What may bug people is that you can see an outline of the clear sticker around the image, however it doesn't really bug me.

Overall I really like the concept of this and how it works. It is great for when you want nice nails but don't have time to sit and be patient doing nail art. It is also great if you are someone who struggles with nail art. 

Have you ever used Sticky Fingers? Let me know!

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