Thursday, 19 June 2014

Film: The Fault in Our Stars! (NO SPOILERS)


Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. In fact, it is by far my favourite book. So when I found out there was going to be a special advance screening of the film before it actually came out in the UK, I immediately booked tickets to go.

The great thing about the special advance screening was that you knew everybody there was a huge fan of the book and knew everything about it. So when it came to inside jokes etc in the film everybody always laughed at the same part or whatever as they all understood it, something you may not get with those who have not read the book.

Because it was an advance screening there were thankfully no advertisements shown before the film which was good. Before the film a clip of John Green introducing the film to us played and everybody cheered. Gotta love John Green- he is a genius!

Then the film played, and let me tell you it was amazing. It exceeded all my expectations and it sticks to the book extremely well, to the point where you could quote the words as they were saying it in the film. It made us all laugh loads with plenty of humour and sob like we have never sobbed before. You could hear everybody crying near the end and when the lights came on there was just a sea of girls with tears rolling down their faces and smudged make up.

After the film, they showed a Q and A video with the cast, including John Green and the director of the movie. It was really good and I thought the director looks exactly like a grey haired version of Benedict Cumberbatch! Afterwards they played a deleted scene which actually had John Green in it which was quite funny.

At the end we were all given a lanyard with the special advance fan screening on it along with Hazel and Augustus. We also received some limited edition posters which was quite cool.

Overall I rate the film a million out of a million. It was incredible and I loved every moment of it- there was no scene I thought was bad or anything I can think to criticise.

I will definitely go see it again and will watch it a billion times over when the DVD eventually comes out. I love it so much and I recommend everybody to go and see it!

The film is now officially out to everybody in the UK.

Have you seen it or are planning to go see it? What do you think of it? Let me know!

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