Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May Instagram Round Up!


Here is my May Instagram Round Up. I will not be doing a May Favourites this month as I honestly do not know what to put in it! I have put my self on a spending ban recently so I haven't really got anything new to talk about.

1. We are getting a new bathroom and for a while we had a bath in our living room. Me and the cat had to investigate!
2. I kissed Augustus Waters! This was after watching The Amazing Spiderman 2 with friends.
3.Pop Art Nail Sticker Nail Art! A post will come soon on those.
4. Dairy Milk just brought out Marvellous Mix-Ups with Oreo and damn they are good!
5. My OOTD for going out for a family meal.
6. Photos my brother had taken of our cat, Suki.
7. Butterfly Nail Art! A post will come soon.
8. I made a beautiful gooey triple chocolate brownie with my friend!
9. A lovely ring I bought for my step sister that I kinda wanted to keep for myself!
10. City of Heavenly Fire arrived and I just wanted to share it.

There we are! Feel free to follow my personal Instagram @BrionyBea or my blog one @SincerelyBrionyBea to know when a new blog post is up.

What is your Instagram? Let me know!

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