Friday, 27 October 2017

The Body Shop Haul

I saw on VoucherCodes that there was an offer to get £50 worth of product for £25 from The Body Shop and I decided to take advantage of this.

The item I originally needed was the Vitamin E Night Cream.I use this thick cream for my dry skin each night and it's really good at keeping it nourished.

I had just ran out of my usual Neutrogena day moisturiser and felt like trying a new one. I have used the Aloe Vera night cream before but not the day one, so decided to try it out. Aloe vera is great for sensitive skin, which I have, and it's great for calming down sore skin. The cream feels really light, however it does seem to take a long time to soak in.

In recent months I have come off the acne medication I had been taking, so I knew I had to get some more tea tree in my routine to help the fight. Because of this, I picked up the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and the Tea Tree Toner; both of which I've used before. I use the facial wash twice a day and the toner in the evening. 

I had a bit of money left to spend and didn't know what to go for. In the end I chose the Vitamin E Eye Cube. It's super easy to use as you just swipe it under your eyes. I use this twice a day and has stopped dry under eyes. I like how it is a quick step to add to my routine and I imagine it'll last a long while.

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