Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Homesense Halloween Haul

Any fellow darkside lovers will understand that when Halloween comes around, we need to stock up. Home decorations, clothes, is the time to spend!

Homesense is AMAZING at Halloween. It was so hard not to spend all my money. But here is what I did get:

The first item I got I had seen on YouTube and knew I definitely wanted. It is a snow globe, with a skull in a ripped suit and top hat sitting in a graveyard. It is so detailed, and I like how his bony elbow comes out of his suit.

Beside him is a gravestone saying "Rest In Pieces Mr & Mrs Bones" with the skulls of the bride and groom in front. There are a lot of wedding themed Halloween pieces in Homesense this year, so if you're having a Gothic wedding I definitely recommend checking it out!

When you shake the globe, it is black chunks of glitter that swirls around. Even better, some of the pieces are shaped like bats!

At the bottom of the globe is the Cemetery gates, with little skulls either side of the gate.

Another cool aspect to the snow globe is that it plays a song too! There's a wind up key at the bottom and it plays "Ding Dong the Witch is dead" which I like. If you go to my Instagram, @BrionyBea, you can watch my video where I play the song. I love this so sooo much.

The second item I picked up is an Arsenic bottle, with a skull on the lid. What's cool is that the ribcage of the skull extends all around the bottle, joining at his spine at the back. I really like this and it looks good on top of a small set of drawers in my room.

The last item I picked up is to go on my bedroom wall. It is a big canvas with a skeleton on it saying "BEWARE of things that go bump in the night!". At the top left is a dangle skeleton which unfortunately I broke a foot off of, although I think this just gives him personality. The hanging part is black ribbon and I look forward to this going above my bed. My friends think it is a bit naughty, which makes me laugh.

I love these items and may be tempted to pick up more. There is just so much that I wanted! There are a few other skull pieces I like and also a beautiful witch that sits on the edge of your shelf. 

Thanks for reading,
B x

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